96 Uses and Counting!

 96 Uses and Counting!

Goodbye OUCH Manuka Balm supports your body to do what it was designed to do. Get better and fast! It soothes your body so that it can return itself to health. There’s lots of ideas here, a sort of first aid kit waiting to be put to work, but it does not replace a doctor, nor does it treat conditions as if it were a medicine. It’s not a medicine. It supports healing, eases pain, comforts, calms, protects and nourishes skin.

Over time, there has been 96 recorded uses of Goodbye OUCH in our homes and daily lives.

Are you able to help us hit the 100 mark?

Let us know by emailing good@goodbye.co.nz if you have found a use that is not on our list, and we will send you a free tin of Goodbye OUCH. 


  1. preventative for wind/cold (this is great for using before ski or sailing days)
  2. chapped lips (great for anytime)
  3. wind burn (because you forgot to put it on BEFORE you went out, or on your baby’s cheeks because they do get windburned ridiculously easily)
  4. scratches (wash first to clean skin, then apply)
  5. garden hands (or mechanics or sailors or farmers!)
  6. cracked heels (put on day and night especially after a shower or bath)
  7. (winter) elbows (you know the dinosaur skin you get on your elbows when they get too dry)
  8. sex wax?  Er?  Becky? (yup, it’s good)
  9. ear infections (soothes, best applied to a small bit of cotton ball and then gently put into ear, new cotton every 12 hours)
  10. eczma (soothes outbreaks)
  11. rashes (a thousand reasons for rashes, should soothe- if concerned, see a doctor)
  12. bug bites (the earlier you can apply the better)
  13. stings (apply as soon as able)
  14. cracked nipples (use in the longest gap when baby is not going to suck, the skin will absorb)
  15. athlete’s foot (will soothe, antifungal properties assist the body to heal)
  16. ring worm (antifungal properties assist the body to heal)
  17. thread worm (won’t get rid of them, but gets rid of that tickly feeling on bottom until you can get to a health store or pharmacy, apply to anus with a tissue and wash hands!)
  18. chest rub for coughs
  19. under-nose (sore tissue nose)
  20. under-nose (decongestant)
  21. cold sores (at first sign, supports skin)
  22. pet enthusiasm (goat nibbles, cat scratches..)
  23. acne and outbreak skin (calms the skin)
  24. sore muscles (massage gently for wonderful soothing rub)
  25. bruises (very gently massage in general area to encourage healing)
  26. rug burn (ouch!)
  27. preventative for rub spots and blisters in foot care (this is super effective, helps keep skin in good condition even while working hard)
  28. friction blisters
  29. boils (good for soothing the small outbreaks, works well in combination with warm soak, if larger or more painful, need to see a doctor.)
  30. soak for splinter/wounds (add a 1/2 teaspoon to 4 cups warm water and soak splinter/scratch/cut for 5 minutes, will help clean skin and make splinter removal easier- if wound or splinter is doctor variety, go see a doctor)
  31. night treatment for face (wonderful for last moment of the day, very rich and oils are absorbed as you sleep)
  32. minor wound care (great to putting on a plaster, helps protect skin)
  33. behind ear crust (particular to babies and raft guides)
  34. between the toe treatment
  35. reef scrapes
  36. stubbed toes
  37. grazes (esp kids and knees)
  38. dry skin
  39. nappy rash
  40. minor sun burn
  41. hangnails
  42. mouth sores (won’t get rid of them, but will ease the process)
  43. headache balm (rub gently on temples and back of neck)
  44. hemmaeroids (eases symptoms)
  45. nose crust (just inside of nostrils)
  46. deodorant (yep, it’s good, just use only a little so you don’t stain clothes with too much wax)
  47. nit preventative (headlice do not like tea tree, put a small amount at temples and base of hairline)
  48. styling hair wax (a bit heavy, but will do in a pinch)
  49. scar treatment (massage every day, it helps the skin recover its health and elasticity)
  50. itchy skin
  51. scraped knuckles (useful to use in a soak of warm water)
  52. eyeshadow/make up base
  53. ring removal (too tight on fingers?, can also try if child gets fingers stuck in a toy, apply to stuck finger to add just a little bit of slipperiness)
  54. OOS (over-use sydrome) symptom relief (massage gently to help body re-establish good balance and circulation)
  55. toothpaste (it tastes just fine)
  56. oil pulling
  57. gargle (add pea sized amount to warm water)
  58. stress balm (as per headache, temples and base of neck)
  59. pre and post stretch marks (keeps skin in top condition to respond to the changes your body is going through with making a baby)
  60. chickenpox (won’t keep you from getting them or get rid of the sores, but will help you through the skin healing process, apply as needed)
  61. hand, foot, mouth sores (kind of like chicken pox, it doesn’t keep you from getting these things, just helps you through)
  62. use on animals – sore paws, minor injuries (we treated our chicken’s broken leg with Ouch, and our goat’s leg wound from a cow kick)
  63. eye crust
  64. moisture barrier (keep skin from getting waterlogged in sport)
  65. warts (won’t get rid of them, but good for if they crack)
  66. shaving rash
  67. shaving nicks
  68. under lipstick layer, and as a lip gloss, perfect
  69. arthritis symptoms (apply small amount and gently massage to comfort your body)
  70. cuticle and nail treatment
  71. baby neck (that ever moist area that babies sometime get that irritates their skin)
  72. cradlecap (rub small amount into scalp, wait 10 minutes and use a comb to gently lift dry skin- use as needed)
  73. slobber chin (you know when your baby gets a red chin from too much slobber)
  74. travel aid during flight (support your body through the challenges of travel- nice for ankles, bad smells, headaches)
  75. strained ankles (good to helping the body return to strength after initial swelling has subsided, massage very gently)
  76. pulled muscles (good to helping the body return to strength after initial swelling has subsided, massage very gently)
  77. bad smells (apply under nose)
  78. bug repellent
  79. nit treatment (a bit thick, but works, apply, comb through, leave on, wash over sink in morning- keep eye on it through week and reapply at 7 days)
  80. care for after-splinter removal (can go on plaster that covers)
  81. muscle warm-up (great for sports massage)
  82. massage (relaxation or sports)
  83. callus buildup
  84. growing pains (great with gentle massage)
  85. after sport treatment (post sport massage)
  86. stye relief (apply after a warm soak)
  87. hair & scalp conditioner (leave in for an hour to overnight, wash out over sink, won’t you?)
  88. candida relief (doesn’t “get rid of”, it’s just to get you through those few days when the balance is tipping, apply topically)
  89. door hinge de-squeaker
  90. o-ring lubrication for pump
  91. reduce scratch on wood dining table
  92. Clown lips- kids licking and licking and licking around lips and  making them red all around- get them to apply- it will help develop awareness
  93. use on back of hands to keep the sandflies from biting WHILE milking the goat
  94. pre-menstrual cramps (use as gentle abdominal and torso massage)
  95. pre-menstural craziness (you know the runaway emotions? Yep, the oils will help you find your balance again. Apply to face and neck)
  96. meeting preparation (my new personal favourite- these oils combine to care for the spirit as well as the body- I apply wax to arms, hands and face to feel supported, focused and clear)
  97. pruning paste
  98. CAN you think of another one??
About the author

Becky Cashman

Founder and Product Maker ~ Goodbye NZ

Goodbye makes certified natural, water-free products that take care of skin outdoors. Established by Becky in 1999, the key message has been consistent from the beginning.  Outdoors is good. We belong outdoors. It's better outdoors. Being outdoors is self-care in it's most natural state.

Alongside this message of wellness outdoors is the ethos that we take care of what we love. When you are connected to your environment, you naturally take better care of it.

Becky is the product maker for Goodbye products, sometimes development takes years. As a former outdoor guide, she has remained focused on bringing performance and portability to genuine natural products.

Her products are a good reason to keep showing up to the conversation about a life lived better outdoors.

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