Balmy Adventures

He also mentioned that compared to some other balms, this balm was 100% natural. I was surprised to discover that the balm I was using was actually petroleum based.

I took this information in my stride, popped it in my bag and carried on.

I first tried it on my lips, 'Mmmm, yummy' I thought, yummy enough to eat.

Then someone at home got a scratch, and a bump on the head, a bite and a sting, and the Goodbye OUCH was right there on hand, just waiting to be used.

We whipped it out at the beach, the play ground, at home and on the street.

It also just happened to be there when our friends got hurt when we were out and about away from the first aid kit in the car.

"What's that?," They asked.

"It's called Goodbye OUCH," we said.

"Well it made my OUCH go away."

I started to notice how it snuck into my back pack whenever an adventure was planned. I would take my phone, my keys, and my sunglasses, and then Goodbye OUCH would tag along, and then we would need it.

Like the time we climbed a mountain and my son fell out of a tree and made a big knife like scratch down his neck. We were 20 minutes from the car and he was bleeding in tears. 'Here have some Goodbye OUCH on it', and the tears disappeared and we carried on.

The next time we went up the mountain, all the boys ran into a wasp nest and got stings on their faces and hands. We had nothing else to help them with other than Goodbye OUCH and their tears and pain went away in seconds.

These days we take Goodbye OUCH with us like a dare.

Dare you to not get used, we say to the tube, and you know what? The tube somehow makes an appearance every day.

About the author

Becky Cashman

Founder and Product Maker ~ Goodbye NZ

I could be accused of being fringe. Sun, water, and air call to me to care, and I reflect my love as clearly as I can. Since that's what you do too, then we can be fringe together.

My children teach me to expand regardless of whether it's comfortable. My husband and business partner John is my blessing, for everything that means. Goodbye is a pathway for reflecting what I care about, our vital need to know and celebrate our connection to nature and to each other. Join me in the adventure.