Lettuce Boy's Head Lice Party

I've had a pet project brewing for the past 18 months, and today finally get to give some cool new resources to you.

After taking the very bold (well, bold for me) step of creating a natural headlice product, I got the opportunity to get an even closer look at our culture around headlice.

And guess what? It's not a very nice culture.

Headlice triggers bad behaviour, and I'm just not talking about the kids!

Bad behaviour over what? Headlice is as common (and annoying) as the common cold. But sometimes we don't handle it or talk about it well.

Schools are reduced to sending home a notice once a term. Parents are reduced to grumbles, blame, or guilt. Kids are reduced to howls or tears. Don't even get me started about the chemical side of the story.

We need a spokesperson who is funny and friendly. Enter Lettuce Boy.

Lettuce Boy's Kit for Parents

If headlice is a topic around your family or school, be part of helping Lettuce Boy get into the conversation. To kick off Lettuce Boy's Headlice Party, printed seed packets (see poem below) and goodbye NITS to send to you*, as well as...

  • I'd Rather Grow a Head of Lettuce Poem and Colouring Sheet
  • Lettuce Boy's Smart Chart to Break the Headlice Cycle- (understand this so you are not wasting your time!)
  • Worksheet for Kids (counting seeds)
  • New to the Game of Headlice- Introduction for Parents
  • What to Do When your Child won't sit Still
  • Drama Free- Ten Steps for Headlice Treatment Bex Cashman

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