Seeds to Good Homes in NZ

Seeds to Good Homes in NZ

Hoopa! Becky and the team are celebrating 3 years of writing on natural living.

Right now, they're giving away the biggest seed send yet, a lucky dip of lettuce, calendula, mustard, basil, rocket, and whatever else Becky finds in her giant box.

Update: November 7th 11:23am Full Moon. The Seed Celebration is closed with over 4000 people in NZ getting seeds, with hundreds of seed packets funded by the community. Now, THAT is cool.

About the author

Becky Cashman

Founder and Product Maker ~ Goodbye NZ

Goodbye makes certified natural, water-free products that take care of skin outdoors. Established by Becky in 1999, the key message has been consistent from the beginning.  Outdoors is good. We belong outdoors. It's better outdoors. Being outdoors is self-care in it's most natural state.

Alongside this message of wellness outdoors is the ethos that we take care of what we love. When you are connected to your environment, you naturally take better care of it.

Becky is the product maker for Goodbye products, sometimes development takes years. As a former outdoor guide, she has remained focused on bringing performance and portability to genuine natural products.

Her products are a good reason to keep showing up to the conversation about a life lived better outdoors.

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