What is in a Name?

What's Your Favourite Nickname?

First of all, I want to say thank you. You guys are awesome and we love doing this blog for you. Hello to our new readers. I'm stars and moon glad you found us.

Our blog is loosely held together by the topic of 'natural living', and as many of you have seen in the past, that gives a lot of scope for us to share with you. Natural living in essence starts with feeling good about who you are and the choices you are making. In this post, Leanne introduces a side of her that I did not know, in fact, I'd venture to say, most of her close friends did not know. She speaks about love and the power in a name.

For me, there is no more powerful force to natural living than love, and I invite you to read (not skim) this article because it will give you goodness for your day.

With respect, Becky

What's in a Name?

Ok, I know that as a soapmaker, my contribution should be about soap, or natural skincare, or something predictable. However, I thought I would share something a bit more personal, something that has been weighing on me at the moment. I have 3 children, all boys. I try to find ways to let my boys know, even when they don't want to hear it from me, that I love them, that they are important to me, each of them special. It sometimes gets hard, teenage boys don't give you much room to do that.

My Dad always called me Skilicks (SKEE licks). It wasn't until I was in my early 20's, married, and living my life with my husband when I began to understand what that meant. We were home for a family dinner, all my sisters, their partners, and new baby Danielle, my beautiful little niece, all having a lovely dinner. When Danielle was handed to my Dad, he picked her up and called here Skilicks. I was stopped in my tracks and felt hot and upset that was MY name! Then, of course, I felt terrible for feeling so upset.. I mean, really, I was a grown-up now but, I couldn't help it, it made me feel so... I don't know somehow, replaced. And, I admit it, I cried, then laughed at myself, of course. How ridiculous of me to feel that way. But, my Dad never called Dani that again, she has her own special name. And, when Dad knows I am struggling, he still calls me Skilicks (and I am MUCH older than my early 20's now!) And it still makes me feel the same; I am all grown up, but I am his daughter still.

And, I was reminded of the nickname grandfather had for me. To my Papa, I was always Leanny, much to my embarrassment. I will never forget bringing my first boyfriend to meet him. I made him promise not to call me Leanny in front of him. Of course, as soon as I introduced my boyfriend, my Papa immediately called me Leanny. I THOUGHT I would feel embarrassed, but, if I am honest, I didn't. I loved it. That was my Papa, and he loved me, I was his "Leanny".

I suppose as well, it is also HOW a name is said. No one speaks my name quite like my husband. There are years of knowing behind his voice; years of acceptance, years of shared experiences, some joyful, some not. Years of love.

Our oldest son has a few names: Taylore Baylor, Sailor, Tails. Our middle boy is Mackers, Mackadoodle dot com, Macks, Big Mack. Our youngest is Ri Guy, Riley Roo, Rimeister. And all three are precious. There is no replacing them. And as long as I love I hope they hear that. Their names are safe with me, that all the love a mother's heart can hold will fit in the space of that name. I have known them since their beginning and will love them until I end, and their place is secure in our family and in my heart.

So, what's in a name?

Safety. Acceptance. Belonging. Love.

Do my boys know I love them? I think they do. Even if they don't want to admit it.

Check It Out Too

I signed up for the 10 session Bird Language course that Nicole offered in the last issue. Since then, I've been listening better. I don't think I ever really listened in anticipation of being able to understand what birds are saying. This morning, I passed a whole community of birds in a hedge of cedar. They told me that all was well with the world and that I belonged. Honest, they did!

Here's the link again, if you missed clicking through, 10 Part Bird Language Basics Course.

From You

"Yes, people these days are mostly quite disconnected from the natural World and that is not healthy. I have just been listening to the CD of Brazilian song birds with some quite fabulous and amazing richly diverse songs of various species of thrushes; even better than my favourite nightingale (heard them often in Germany, Corsica, & Turkey)."



Juliet: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet."
~Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

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Leanne Martell is the founder and creative muse behind Feel at Home. She lives on the Hibiscus Coast with her husband, 3 boys and 2 dogs, where she runs her business, loves to cook, and enjoys nothing more than walking on the beach! Leanne's background is in the Complimentary Health professions, working in the regulatory board for Chiropractors in British Columbia; organizing the Continuing Education for them in the areas of Aromatherapy, Modalities, and Massage Therapy. A passion for the natural, combined with the desire for the indulgent has led her to create a range of soaps and skincare products to meet both of those needs using only pure essential oils, local organically grown, and ethical imported oils. It is not just about what we use on our skin, it's also about how we MAKE what goes on our skin, how it affects our environment, our global community. I want to make products that are safe for our skin, and respectful of our earth, but I also want to feel indulged, and beautiful. I don't believe these are mutually exclusive! I believe that true beauty comes from confidence, and that comes from being able to Feel at Home with who we are.