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I did not envision that my first famous moment on national tv would be singing and dancing about sandflies. No.

And yet, I did sing and dance about sandflies. We filmed the Seven Sharp segment nearly 3 weeks before it aired, to give me plenty of time to wonder if really, I'd done the right thing showing up for this interview. But, classy and goofy as ever, Tim Wilson, kept us all safe with his inherent like of good-natured laugh.

So, in case you missed it. A bit of humour and information (isn't that the best way to learn?) about sandflies.

Seven Sharp has all the advice to avoid getting bitten this summer. Source: Seven Sharp

Sandfly Savvy We've been playing around with Sandfly Savvy all summer.

I encouraged everyone to show me their Sandfly Savvy outdoor adventures, even when we had fair lashings of rain along the way.

We got to see so many great photos on FaceBook and Instagram #sandflysavvy. We gave away 8 bottles of Goodbye SANDFLY with a drawing held on February 14, 2018. How romantic, we know, because bug bites are not sexy!

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

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