Bug Plan

For great experiences outdoors


Deal with sandflies (& mosquitoes), comfortably. With these tips and tricks, you can have an amazing time outdoors, even with bugs!

Clothing & Movement

Cover & avoid bites


Choose light coloured clothing. Flowing cotton trousers, long sleeve tops or long skirts and shorts will keep the bites away.


Sandflies love feet the most, the most, the most. Make sure to apply repellent frequently on the ankles/feet and when you can, keep them covered with socks and shoes.


A light coloured hat with a good brim covering your face will provide protection.

Sandflies love it when you sit still, but even a gentle walk will outpace them, so keep on moving.

know them better

what sandflies love

quiet air

Sandflies will always be where the air is calmest. Keep cars and campervan doors closed or netted, especially on the downwind side.

Rain and clouds

Sandflies are busiest ahead of rain, because they want to have a feed before they tuck away out of the rain. This can be their most frenzied time, so cover up and keep on the move.

Outdoor Kids

Explore the world

Babies and children can be mostly covered so very little product is needed.

Plant oils, while natural, are very powerful and anyone can be sensitive to any essential oil. We recommend introducing any product, even natural ones, slowly with patch testing on the inside of the elbow.

Dealing with Bites

If you get bitten

Soothe Quickly

Disinfect and soothe the sandfly or mosquito bite before the reaction begins. At bedtime, apply a bite soother (Goodbye SANDFLY or Goodbye OUCH Manuka Balm) with gentle massage. This will set you up for better sleep without any itching.

Don't Scratch

Scratching doesn't help with the healing and could cause infection. Applying a bite soother helps heal bites without itching or blemishes. Gentle massage and cool cloths also help.

Severe Reactions

Sometimes bites can have a strong reaction with swelling and discomfort- we recommend you see a doctor

When the Night comes

Nets for Peace

Sandflies go to sleep at night, so if it's been a hectic day, look forward to the night time.

Mosquitoes get even busier at night, we recommend traveling with your own net or using a fan to keep your nights peaceful.

The NZ “sandfly” is actually a blackfly

Sandfly and Mosquito Map- where are the bugs that bite?

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