Whether it's adding to your Health and Safety Program, running a tourism business, looking for just the right gifts for your team, or becoming a retailer, this is the page where we celebrate another way of doing business. Business for the Benefit of all.

Workplace and Tourism

Refillable Skin Care


You've got the body covered

Face and HANDS

We'll take care of face, lips and hands

Sunscreen, Bug Repellent and Balms for sustainable Health and Safety

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Gifting Made Wonderful

Gifting Personally

make it yours

You want just the right way to say thank you to your team and customers. We'll work with you to make a package that you excited to give.

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Business to Business

Join us for another way of doing business

Wholesale to NZ Retailers

Wholesale to NZ Retailers

We supply to all sorts of retailers in New Zealand- from supermarkets to lodges, tourism operators and health providers.

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All over the World


World Wide Supply

We ship products all over the world.

Do Some Research

There's alot of compliance issues for sunscreen and bug repellents- please do some research before you approach us for wholesale or distribution outside of New Zealand.

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