We develop certified natural products that are high performance~

Why do we do that? Simply, we want you to have amazing experiences outdoors (and take care of yourself and the outdoors at the same time)

We belong outdoors. Outdoors is beautiful, healing, powerful and fun. It’s an antidote to too much time spent sitting on devices, for big and little people.

Outdoor adventures can be also very hard on your skin, from bugs to grazed knees to stings, scratches and sunburn.

As former outdoor guides and now product makers, we work to help you safely take care of your skin on your outings and adventures. Our family-owned business has been protecting skin in New Zealand since 1999.

Every product that we develop and offer starts with our own desire to have a product that is truly natural. It must also be high performance and a joy to use. These criteria combined often have us labouring through formula after formula.

Every Goodbye product is certified natural by NATRUE, an internationally recognised standard. They not only certify for naturalness, but that there’s no GMO, no animal testing, and that the products are clean.

You and the planet deserve the devotion we put into every single product.

Becky & John | Founders of Goodbye
ps. That's us a few years ago doing a one-week trip on the Salmon River in Idaha. We travelled from New Zealand and got together with our guiding friends and ran a trip for the next generation of river people. We had as many kids as adults on the river. It is incredibly satisfying to be able to give the gift of these experiences to our children.

Founder and Product Maker for Goodbye

Becky Cashman