Customisation in Hibernation (and WHY!)

May 2023

There's been a lot going on behind the scenes, and I feel like we need to catch up with each other.

Short Story: Customised Labels are hibernating for NZ winter and will be back before next summer.

Longer Story: Last May my husband John and Isaac moved to Rotorua so that they could kayak as much as possible. These were the days of Omicron and all day masking in schools, and they really needed to shake up the options for winter.

One term turned into two, turned into finish out the school year.

That then became a decision that the guys really like living and kayaking in Rotorua. So Isaac started Year 11 in Rotorua in February.

In the last year, I've transited between our home and warehouse/business in Kerikeri and their little unit in Rotorua. I loved a bit more quiet time, but the travel is not natural to me, and I'm missing them too.

With the decision that they are happy as kayaking muffins in Rotorua, we decided to take the off ramp on our lease renewal up here in Kerikeri.

And, as of early this month, all of our packages are being delivered by a woman-owned, and woman-run fulfillment business based in Tauranga. That's right, we are no longer packing the packages!

It's been big, not gonna lie, and exciting, and scary.

And it feels great. I will now have the freedom to spend more time in Rotorua with my family.

And... our family is going to travel together in July to spend some time with extended family in America, and do a two week Grand Canyon River trip. This will be our first time to see everyone since 2019. A HUGE gathering and a well-appreciated break.

So, I've taken down the customisation options on the website for the time-being.  They are a little labour of love, and take some tending, and we need to streamline ourselves and take a holiday.

I'm so excited for this new chapter in our business. We are so used to loving each and every order as it goes out the door that it will take some getting used to. I feel that we have chosen a wonderful shipping partner and that they will give all of your packages the kind of care that we do.

I'm also grateful. Running the warehouse, especially with John and Isaac away, has gotten harder, and I'm looking forward to more time supporting other aspects of the business while exploring more of Rotorua's beautiful area.

Photo Credit: Hamish Collie

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Becky Cashman

Founder and Product Maker ~ Goodbye NZ

Goodbye makes certified natural, water-free products that take care of skin outdoors. Established by Becky in 1999, the key message has been consistent from the beginning.  Outdoors is good. We belong outdoors. It's better outdoors. Being outdoors is self-care in it's most natural state.

Alongside this message of wellness outdoors is the ethos that we take care of what we love. When you are connected to your environment, you naturally take better care of it.

Becky is the product maker for Goodbye products, sometimes development takes years. As a former outdoor guide, she has remained focused on bringing performance and portability to genuine natural products.

Her products are a good reason to keep showing up to the conversation about a life lived better outdoors.

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