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Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity

from Becky

About a year ago, I met with my friend Mandi to take a walk. We had not seen each other in a couple of years, and she felt like a different person. She told me that she had developed EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Sensitivity. I could see how much her life was impacted, as she visited my house that then had 6 wireless networks showing on my computer. From corporate Auckland life, she now dreads traveling for all the networks she must pass through. Her life has been altered completely, and she wonders how she will re-shape her life in our ever-increasing digital age.

I consider myself fairly aware of the choices we make for ourselves, however, we installed a wireless network in our house halfway through the pregnancy of our second child Isaac, and it remained on 24/7 until that day with Mandi. Isaac had just turned 3 years old. I was upset with my own 'not knowing'. I had introduced three and a half years of round the clock EMF into our house in those incredibly sensitive new child months. The tension of my new understanding caused sorrow. It also stirred up the energy required to make some changes.

I invite you to read this story as if it is your friend's story or maybe even your own because it is much more than a 'my baby won't sleep through the night' kind of article. This is about us. Mandi's combination of being a natural health practitioner & her own compelling witness, give us all a great gift. That she is willing to tell us what has happened, is only because she hopes it will be of benefit to all of us.

In health, Becky

The Other Side of Technology

A Personal Story of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Sensitivity

by Amanda Dunlop

After 10 years of running a busy Homeopathic Clinic in Queenstown, I decided, for better or worse, to make a move north to Auckland. A weird choice some would say, but my fledgling Homeopathic product range benefited from being in a larger market, and I decided it was time to join the family firm.

I lived the corporate life in Auckland for 9 years, and then my life took a serious turn sideways. I hope that by sharing some of my experience with you, it may give you pause to look at the way you are using all the amazing communication and interactive technology we have at our finger-tips today.

I didn't consider at the time what effect living in a city with cell towers and wireless transmitters sending out Microwave Radiation Bands all over the place could have on my health. I have always been sensitive to energy which is probably why I was drawn to Homeopathy as a therapy. After about 7 years in Auckland, I was becoming increasingly tired and had bouts of acute illness more and more frequently. I had a busy job managing a couple of departments and dealing with 40 staff, so my response was to just put my head down and work harder and longer to keep up. Does that sound familiar?

My cell phone use was fairly high especially as I had to travel across the city between departments most days of the week. I became aware that whenever I used my cell phone I was feeling not just the heat that some people talk about, but strange sensations zipping across my head and I started to use it only on speaker holding it well away from me. I was also becoming aware that it would leave my hand aching and feeling uncomfortable. Part of my work was in an RF (Radio Frequency Wireless) environment and I became increasingly unable to concentrate for long periods during meetings over the next 12 months.

As humans, we are born on to a planet that has a naturally occurring frequency of 8.73Hertz. We introduced Radio Waves(The Wireless as we called it) back in the early 1900s. Since the advent of the first portable cell phone in 1973, we have ramped up our wireless radiation so quickly that some people are struggling to cope in this environment. There are increasing cases of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) sensitivity being identified, and clinics are now available in several European countries, plus Canada, the US, and the UK to help people who have become sensitive and are now unable to work. This is a huge topic and there is now an increasing amount of good information available on how to limit your exposure, use cellphones wisely, and most importantly protect our Children's developing brains and immune systems. Wireless Technology uses Microwave frequency the same as the microwave ovens that can cook food but at varying frequencies.

After a short Christmas break I got back to my desk In January 2010 feeling less than refreshed. I turned on my computer and within 20 minutes I felt weird flashing painful sensations in the left side of my head (the side I use my digital and cellphones on) and an hour later I experienced sudden loud screeching noises, popping in my ear and pain. I kept working, thinking I had some sort of ear infection. By the end of the week, I was weak, foggy-headed, had 3 pitches of noise in my head, and was basically non-functional.

I did all the right things. I went to my Homeopath, my Doctor, the ENT specialist, had an MRI scan, even resorted to acute steroids. Nothing was helping. So I called in my array of therapist friends to look wider afield. It is wonderful how the universe provides when you stay in the present and trust. Through support from therapists all over NZ, I was diagnosed with Acute EMF Sensitivity. I was told that if I didn't limit my exposure to all types of Electromagnetic Fields from Computers, and electrical devices and Wireless Radiation from cell phones, wireless modems, cordless phones, and computers, I would become completely incapacitated.

Once I turned off my wireless modem at home and stopped using my cell phone, I began to regain some brain function. I have slowly rebuilt my immune system over the past 2 years but sensitivity to working on my computer and a high level of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) still persists today. As soon as I walk into a building with Wireless I can feel it in my head and my Tinnitus elevates in pitch and intensity. My head hurts, I cannot think clearly, and distressingly, I have trouble finding the right words when I'm speaking. I no longer use a cell phone except for the occasional text. I wondered how on earth I would do without all my precious Technology that I believed at the time "enabled" my lifestyle. I decided that it might be a good idea to leave Auckland at this point!

Have you noticed how fast Wireless (microwave) transmitters are going up around a town near you? In Auckland during 2010 alone, over 1200 new wireless transmitters were erected at major road intersections and along main routes through the city.

I now live relatively EMF free (No TV and NO WIRELESS!) in Raglan by the Sea and am not missing my busy Auckland life. I choose the local cafe that doesn't have wireless and spend as little time as possible on the computer. I also find that yoga and meditation techniques help with many of my symptoms.

The most important thing I have learned that I can pass on to you is get into nature. If you lead a busy city life or spend a lot of time in the car, get out and connect with the earth as often as you can. The earth is the best thing to discharge EMF build up. Get your feet onto the soil, into the sand, and splash in those puddles. Nature restores harmony to your body so that you can live well in a technologically advancing world.


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From You

"Yes to neem oil! I found a bottle of it only this week languishing at the back of my top shelf. The one that kids can't get at. I use it as a natural insecticide on roses, lemon trees and any other plant that are prone to aphids and other sticky insects."
Katrina | Queenstown



I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.
~Henry David Thoreau
About the author

Amanda Dunlop

Mandi became NZ's first female White Water Raft Guide back in the early '80s and worked in Adventure Tourism in Queenstown for 3 years before deciding to pursue a passion for Natural Medicine. She trained as a Classical Homeopath, graduating in 1994, then returned to Queenstown to open the Queenstown Homeopathic Clinic, which for the better part of the next 10 years, focused on family health. While women and children's health (and a few animals) was her main passion during this time she became involved in sports medicine for endurance and multi-sport adventure athletes traveling with teams as support crew for New Zealand and International events. This experience in the field lead to the development of her range of Homeopathic formulas and HCH Formulas was born. Originally aimed at the sports market, HCH Formulas Cramp-Stop spray has become a leading product in the treatment of acute muscle cramp used by anyone who suffers from cramp. Mandi recently moved to Raglan and has become involved with organic growing and the environmental issues which face us today. Working as a volunteer with the Whaingaroa Environment Centre she is running the Heritage and Organic Seed bank for the many people in the local area who grow their own food.