I'm enamored of seeds. Each one a miracle waiting to unfold given the right environment. I'm looking for some good homes for a heap of extra lettuce, basil, rocket, borage and calendula seeds. Would you like some??

If you already grow stuff, you'll be saying Yes, of course. And I say, right on sister. Skip to the bottom.

But for you who just said 'Seeds? Grow? Oh, I've never been any good at that. My sister is good at that.'

This is for you.

Seeds exist to do one thing, fulfill the promise of who they are. They don't need much from you.

Can you get them started inside by giving them a bit of dirt and keeping the top moist? Yes

Can you give them a bit more space once they are ready to leave your loving nursery and bust into a bigger world? Yes

Can you celebrate each new leaf, give them water now and again, protect them from a few slugs, the dog, the kids? Yes

Can you resist eating them until they've grown nice and big? Yes

Can you imagine a salad of sweetness and vitality, colour and light that grew because you said yes?

Please don't tell me you're too busy. It's the plants that do all the work, they are generous like that. They're just need the opportunity.

This offer is for New Zealand, as customs don't take kindly to seeds crossing borders.

Note: November 7, 11:23am, Full Moon. The Seed Celebration has ended. In the last month, just over 4000 people in NZ have or will receive seeds. Hundreds of packets were funded by the community. Now, THAT is cool.

About the author

Becky Cashman

Founder and Product Maker ~ Goodbye NZ

I could be accused of being fringe. Sun, water, and air call to me to care, and I reflect my love as clearly as I can. Since that's what you do too, then we can be fringe together.

My children teach me to expand regardless of whether it's comfortable. My husband and business partner John is my blessing, for everything that means. Goodbye is a pathway for reflecting what I care about, our vital need to know and celebrate our connection to nature and to each other. Join me in the adventure.