All of our ingredients have been selected for their skin benefits including skin soothing, moisture control and antioxidant richness. Why is that important? Well, antioxidants fight or neutralise Free Radicals which can cause skin damage including cell damage, photo- aging, and potentially skin cancer.

Free Radical generation or oxidative reactions occur when our skin comes into contact with environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution, and some chemicals. It is estimated that UV radiation accounts for up to 80% of this Free Radical generation.

Our bodies are blessed with its own system of antioxidant defense that mobilises to fight the Free Radical challenges that occur on our skin. And generally it does a great job of it. But when it is overwhelmed and can’t cope, the skin is said to be under oxidative stress. Our natural defense system gets weaker with age, and when we are sick. It also can’t cope when we are exposed to too much sun or other environmental stressors.

Studies have shown that topical antioxidants when applied to the skin BEFORE you go into the sun may reduce Free Radical generation.