European Union- Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety

The SCCS was requested to perform a safety assessment of zinc oxide in nano form and delivered an opinion on 18 September 2012 (6), followed by an addendum of 23 July 2013 (7). The SCCS concluded, on the basis of available evidence, that the use of zinc oxide nanoparticles with the characteristics as indicated, at a concentration up to 25 % as a UV filter in sunscreens, can be considered not to pose a risk of adverse effects in humans after dermal application. In addition, the SCCS indicated that there is no evidence for the absorption of zinc oxide nanoparticles through skin and via the oral route. In the Margin of Safety calculation, the calculation of the exposure to zinc oxide nanoparticles results in acceptable Margin of Safety for both the oral and dermal routes. The SCCS later confirmed that zinc oxide nano may be used in cosmetic products other than sunscreens, intended for dermal application.