There’s remedy in being outdoors. That's why we give so many seeds. Just another great reason to be outdoors.

Outdoors is where we are the best of ourselves. It’s where we make memories of family, and give ourselves and our children a capacity for wonder and a robustness for life. Beautiful, healing, powerful and fun, we belong outdoors!

This month we're doing added value bonus items across our range-  You'll be ready for outdoor life on the go.

Here's the collection called Neighborhood which puts the deals and current specials all in one place.

Now that you've received one of our seed packets, you are a Neighbor, and you know the secret handshake. You can check that collection any time to see what's on the go!

Started in 1999, Goodbye is as much a part of our family as we are part of it. Thanks for being in this community. We look forward to creating a laughter-filled journey together.

With respect,

Becky & John

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We are real people with a very real desire to guide you in great experiences outdoors.

Photo below: a rare family pic on our holiday of 14 days on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon August 2023. It was a goody! That's me Becky, husband John and our teen adventure kids.