Sun Gratitude ♡ Skin Respect is an ethos that has developed from our love of the outdoors and the understanding that interacting with Nature provides the greatest joy in life. We just need to look after ourselves when we are out there.

Sun Gratitude is about acknowledging the SUN as a giver of Life. We need the sun. The Sun is not the bad guy, it is carrying on doing just what it has done for the last 5 billion years. Humanity has damaged the Ozone layer which now means we have to work harder to protect ourselves from UV damage.

Skin Respect is about while enjoying the Outdoors, we take care of our bodies and skin the best way we can. It’s about minimizing our time in the sun in the highest UV hours. It’s about covering up, so we need to use less sunscreen. When we do use a sunscreen, we want it to be a product that’s good for our lips and skin, and safe for our bodies and the environment.