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What is a balm?

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1. An oily substance that has a pleasant smell that is used for healing, soothing, or protecting the skin.

2. something that gives comfort or support.

Humans have been using balms made from the earths natural materials since the ancient Egyptian times.

Modern day humans are still finding the benefits from having a simple and easy to use balm on hand, essential for healing and repairing the skin in everyday life.

Having a balm is a really useful thing to have in life, as a soothing helper that supports the body's natural repair process. The body can do without it, but it heals so much faster, calmer and happier with a balm and when immunity is low, we could do with a little help.

Do you have a special balm that is your go to for just one use?

Or are you like how I used to be, and had different products for different uses.

A lip balm for lips.

A massage wax for massage.

A special ointment for those occasions that you just don't know what to do about, like an itchy bite or nasty scratch.

Or maybe a balm that you bought because your good friend used it.

If the label isn't specific about what you can use it for, maybe you are sometimes not sure whether to try it or not for a certain purpose.

Having many different products cluttering up our home space increases our spending and consumption and make us feel we need to use these products because we bought them, when effectively one single product can be used in different ways and give healing to many different problems.

When looking for a balm to buy, you want to be looking for ways in which the balm is going to support your skin.

Natural healing remedies compete alongside synthetic cosmetics in the super market aisle and what gets your attention, depends upon trends, marketing and a myriad of promises.

The properties or ingredients list are going to be your guide to how products can help you, and not necessarily the beautiful arranged packaging.

Balms made from natural and organic ingredients that are free from petrochemicals and commercial sprays are going to be better for your body and your health and the planet.

Finding Goodbye OUCH for me was the one stop shop I was looking for.

It came with a HUGE list of ways I could use it and things it had been tested and tried on.

At some point I started realising I trusted this more over other balms which although purposeful, didn't expand my knowledge or imagination of how they could be used in my life.

I needed a balm that was transparent in its ingredients list, and was not made with things I needed a science degree to know what they were.

Sooner or later my bathroom cabinet started to look a heck of a lot emptier, and one day it may even start to look very similar to this.

About the author

Becky Cashman

Founder and Product Maker ~ Goodbye NZ

I could be accused of being fringe. Sun, water, and air call to me to care, and I reflect my love as clearly as I can. Since that's what you do too, then we can be fringe together.

My children teach me to expand regardless of whether it's comfortable. My husband and business partner John is my blessing, for everything that means. Goodbye is a pathway for reflecting what I care about, our vital need to know and celebrate our connection to nature and to each other. Join me in the adventure.