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Hi Neighbor, 

Let's focus on simple things this week.

Sometimes we have to go back to the basics of healthy living, creating the most vital food for ourselves and our family. It's winter in NZ, which means this last week, you've either been cold down south or rained on up north. Most of our gardens have been picked clean. Even all those emergency seedlings that got purchased before lockdown are only knee high.

If you find that you go to the shop less often, this makes fresh food even trickier.

I have a lovely friend and neighbour, she lives north of me in Northland, to introduce to you. Ramona from I LOV SPROUTS produces the easiest way to grow your own sprouts with sprouting bags made from organic hemp fabric. The sprout bag keeps the moisture right for the seed- not too dry, not too damp. A sort of Goldilocks condition for seeds.

Ramona and I still laugh about the time she brought her sprout bag over and hung it on my porch to drip while we worked together, then forgot it. Rediscovered a week later, happily getting rained on during the time, the sprouts were busting to get out.

Ramona runs her business from her home and sewing machine, raising two beautiful children and creating project after project for the benefit of the community. It would be lovely to support both you and her by introducing you to each other.

With respect, Alfalfa, Becky

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When you add seeds and water and place in a bag, you'll have freshly grown sprouts in a few days time. How do seeds do that? They patiently wait for the right conditions of moisture, light and warmth, then say GO! and expand, busting open their outside shell to sprout. If you've never witnessed the miracle of this, I highly recommend it.

At any given time we have at least one kind of sprout on the go during winter. Alfalfa, mung, sunflower, black lentil.

I have a slightly modified version from the directions that Ramona gives on her sprout bag card, we make a batch of alfalfa starting with 3 TBS of seeds. I let the bag bring them on to a good size, but transfer them to a bowl or colander to green up. That's my favourite part. We call it perpetual sprouts, each day we eat the top layer of green ones and let the ones underneath keep growing on. They don't make it to the fridge, we can make a bowl last on the bench for about 3 days.

If you haven't tried sprouts, I recommend the sprout bag and starter pack that Ramona has put together for you with 3 different kinds of seeds. It will get you started, and ultimately save you a LOT of money while you provide your family with living, whole, vital food.

Connected by Nature

There are so many things that are perfect and beautiful amidst that things that bring sorrow. Nature is where we find ourselves and the balance and courage we need to keep responding with love.

With love, with love, with love. Becky Cashman, Founder and Product Maker

Next issue

Strong Balm!! The chest rub, runny nose, tickly throat balm that you wished existed as a natural product for winter. No menthol which has an overpowering, eye watering, eye stinging smell, just a nice strong herb smell. Well, it's coming. I'm in the kitchen again next week, still working on which is my favourite version.

Also, some Blue Bottle Love. Oh, I've been so waiting to introduce you!

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