These Are Your Words For Hello 2021

Hi February,

The light is changing. In New Zealand, our kids are going back to school. For whatever the holidays have been to you, I hope you feel a little more free and easy in your body.

Now, we are back to the morning rhythm. Some of you will be cheering, hurray, at last, back to school. Some of you will be feeling the pinch of the transition. Really? Back to getting the kids up, dressed, and out the door Monday to Friday? Or after last week, the thought that we might go into lockdown at any time and the kids are back home trying to homeschool.

We still have the weekends

The weather still says SUMMER! in New Zealand and the weekends are still an invitation to explore your area. Beaches, walks, BBQs. A drive up to visit Northland, a foray to the Coromandel. As we have all learned our backyards a bit better in the last year, don't forget that there's more to explore, and the weekends are perfect for that.

In this Issue:

  • Hello 2021
  • See our Do Good Report- How many trees are we planting together?

Whatever your headspace and heart space, February is a transition month. And transitions are tricky. Here's the balm for you.

February is just about the perfect time to remember the words we created for ourselves at the new year. I love it that we did this together. Thank you for your contribution. 

NZ Manuka makes life better

We've heard time and time again that our OUCH Manuka Balm is the one thing you reach for every day. This larger 50g tin is useful for all of the little skin irritations, and also big enough to handle quite a few massages. We use it to refill our little tins. Gentle enough to use on children, powerful enough to clean and calm upset skin.

For everything from bites, scratches, and stings, to dry skin and chapped lips. Once you start using this product, you'll wonder what you did before you had OUCH around.

Use the two small tins to be your 'first aid kit on the go' having one in your purse, backpack, or pocket means you have a loving response to skin adventures.

Our Manuka essential oil is from the East Cape of New Zealand. This is the phenotype that has a very high concentration of beta- trike tones- which means it has strong antimicrobial properties and benefits. Use a couple of drops in a warm water gargle to chase a sore throat. Use 6 drops in a bowl of warm water to soak a cut that needs to be cleaned and supported.

We are Planting 68 trees!

Doing stuff together is what makes being in business good. We offered the Do Good box for the holidays and as a result, there will be 68 more trees with Protect our Winters in New Zealand than there would have been. That makes me smile.

Thank you!


Here's to you Waitangi Watermelon Weekend, Becky


The word cloud art we created together- our words for January 2021. I think it's stunning. I'm inspired by us.
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