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From our Press Release for December 2015

Many women use a lip balm without realising they are eating petrochemicals. Last year 91% of lip balm sold in grocery in New Zealand contained petrochemical or synthetic ingredients.*

*Source: IRI-Aztec MarketEdge Scan Data Total Key Accounts, Value data MAT to period ending 01/03/15 within the Lip Balm category.

Petroleum jelly, the base of many lip balms available in New Zealand is usually combined with a number of chemicals that don't do your lips any favours.


What to look for in a lip balm:

  • 100% Natural ingredients- these will be simple, recognizable components that remind you of food and flowers

What to avoid in your lip balm:

  • Salicylic acid, a drying agent used acne products and also commonly found in lip balms can irritate lips
  • Synthetic fragrances and artificial colours
  • Silicone, which makes product spread in an even film and last longer, also locks out water and air
  • Paraffin, petrolatum and mineral oil are all words for by-products of petroleum

How to give your lips a hug:

While seasons, activity, stress and diet play their part in the balance of the wellness of lips and skin, the natural state of lips is to be beautiful and hydrated. But sometimes they need a little bit of help.

  • Wear a hat or use zinc-based sunscreen to protect lips
  • Drink lots of water (it not only rehydrates your body but keeps your lips moist)
  • Don't lick your lips (the temporary relief it brings actually makes them dry out and crack)
  • Breathe through your nose. Mouth breathing is very drying to lips

Use a natural lip balm

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