Pukeko Garden

For those of you in the South Island, I hear you have been hanging out in the single digits at night. For us here in Northland, we have just had days of wind and rain with high humidity, and then last night, that first breath of the coolness of autumn. We actually snuggled under blankets!

It's been a very productive summer up here, with bowls of sweet cherry tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and basil. Our pumpkin crop is going to be extraordinary.

Despite all intentions, my garden is a very, very messy Late summer garden. Again! This translates to food hidden amongst impressive sized weeds.

This season we had a pair of pukeko decide our property was a good place to reside, and they produced no less than 8 babies, all parading around at Christmas time. Now I know why farmers can get a special dispensation to dispatch them. They systematically pulled up corn seedlings, pecked every new cucumber to pieces, and broke tree branches nibbling on all those yummy nectarines. The lowest blow was they cleared more than half of our ready corn crop in the space of a few days last week. I can just imagine them with their intensely full bellies snoozing happily in the tall grass each day.

I'm sure there is a Spirituality of Dealing with Pukeko post somewhere in my future, but I'm not evolved enough to write it yet. Right now, I'm going to take the autumn to consider.

I hope you've figured out how to deal with Pukeko energy in your life! Let me know if you have.

With respect, Bex

Auckland and Taupo events

I have a couple of events where I am out and about in the world, in case I have the fortune of actually meeting you!

I went to the Kohimarama Yacht Club for the Girl's Regatta (which my daughter is sailing in). If you are in Auckland and it's a nice day for the beach, it's a pretty cool venue to watch them.

At the end of the March I will be at the Whai Ora Spirited Women's Adventure Race because goodbye OUCH is an associate sponsor of the event! I'm really excited about this one, as outdoor adventure was a defining lifestyle for me (pre-kids, that is). I'm really hoping that some of you will be there.

If you are near either event, come say hello! You can contact me by messaging through Facebook/GoodbyeSandfly page and it comes through to my phone.

Balm 101: Adventure

A couple of weeks ago I got out the camera and made a short series on taking care of your body while on an adventure. The videos are shot at my home in Northland, and each short topic covers a hack for easing the OUCH out of your adventures.

If you have any missions coming up, have a look to see if there's a topic that you could use some input.

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