What's a Sandfly Shuffle?

Here at Goodbye SANDFLY, we have been itching to get into the golden weather, but we have also noticed how when you go to sit down, you get back up again.

You turn to the left, and then you turn to the right, you just can't seem to get comfortable. It's that time of year again when you get you get your Sandfly Shuffle on. Shuffle you say? What is a Sandfly Shuffle? Well that's the question we posed to hundreds of kiwis last month to see what they thought and we got some interesting answers.

Sandfly Shuffle

Jacqui  from Masterton says:

"It begins like any other casual evening, where first your eyes start to dart towards the slowly setting sun and back to the person chatting. Nothing is said but the fear begins to grow amid the tasty victims (as we all know one annoying person who NEVER gets bitten). Suddenly the shock runs from the vulnerable trembling exposed ankle of the first bite straight to your brain you want to itch but you KNOW once you scratch you won't stop. The ankles begin to twist in a slow motion to encourage the sensation to go. The second ankle begins to slowly make contact by smoothly running up and down the terrorised leg (no covered with a gizzilion bites). You try your best to maintain the conversation but alas you eventually give in, reach down scratch and curse like some infested red neck. By this time someone has pulled out the horrid smelling anti bug spray which goes into your eyes and worse your drink. Meanwhile there is me sitting in the corner chuckling because I actually use Goodbye Sandfly and no longer do the sandfly shuffle."


Bev  says:

The Sandfly Shuffle is the summertime dance ritual that sandflies do up and down my legs and arms........aaargh, they love the taste of me!


Susan from Palmerston North says:

Sandfly Shuffle is what one has to do to prevent the pesky wee blighters from biting all over! Stamping, jumping, waving arms.. generally looking really stupid... and knowing you have to do it all over again tomorrow!


Sara  from Christchurch says:

It's a bit like the Kiwi Haka...... a slap to the left arm, a slap to the right arm, a slapping of the left and right legs...a bit of arm waving and jumping around I'd say!!!


Tania  from Auckland says:

Jiggling about trying to get the pesky bloodsuckers/annoying bugs off your legs when you have a child in your arms!! 😃


Simon  says (kid you not!):

You're playing a game of Rummy 500 outside the tent with the family on the camping table ... sandflies are everywhere, all over the playing cards too. It's your turn to shuffle ... sandflies and cards in the mix. That's a sandfly shuffle. As opposed to a sandfly souffle, which isn't on my list of culinary recommendations!!!


What's your version of a Sandfly Shuffle?  Add a comment on the Facebook post, we had a bit of fun with this a few years ago, but having recently  dipped back in there, I laughed. We are always happy to hear from you. Wishing you a great outdoors!

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