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Here at Goodbye, our business has gone through changes, just like a growing family.

Products are born out of necessity and mature over time. Some find new reasons to exist that we never imagined and others find their time comes to an end.

Goodbye NITS as a product was created from a need. To help parents deal with headlice naturally, without chemicals and without tears.

While Goodbye NITS as a product is no longer available, the knowledge and resources are still here.

Whether you are a seasoned headlice wrangler or are still at the ‘horrified’ stage, this package will give you an easier path to sorted.

drama free headlice

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We spent years thinking about headlice, chasing them on our own kids, figuring out how to make parents and kids laugh.


I'd Rather Have a Head of Lettuce

Kid Worksheets

Ways to Learn and Laugh

Smart Chart- Break the Cycle

The key to it all, understanding the headlice cycle. Know this and you'll only have to do the process once.

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Digital Resources for Schools

A new headspace on headlice

If you are a school, and would like the digital resources for Awesome Hair Awareness that is school specific, please contact us at

Tied to New Zealand primary school curriculum

Small, interactive modules with learning outcomes

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Here's the story

Goodbye NITS was developed from parents and caregivers who let us know that Goodbye SANDFLY worked a treat for dealing with headlice. We recommend the Goodbye SANDFLY 40ml dropper bottle. Just make sure you either leave the product in, or wash it over a sink with your child's feet on the floor- the oil makes a shower slippery.

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