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Descending moon, waning moon, autumn, and lockdown- all the signs point to one major theme for the next week. Composting. A time of deep transformation.

You know I see the world truths through the outdoors and gardens, so composting is just my placeholder word for the life process that is ""rest and digest""

Most of us have a nervous system habit of living our lives in ""fight or flight"" with so much running, creating, doing, rushing energy, that our nervous systems get stuck in high revs.

Somehow our culture has forgotten about the other side of the full moon energy. The side that considers what is no longer needed. The one that looks more clearly at a situation so that the response comes from understanding and reflection, not reflex.

Lockdown is a sort of enforced composting. And this week, with the descending and waning moon along with a new chill in the air, is your very real call to embrace this process.

Composting has many aspects. Outdoors it is garden tidying, sweeping, pruning, and yes, making compost.

In the kitchen, it may be cleaning out a cutlery drawer, or biffing the various sauces and chutneys that sit on your door year after year, mostly empty and not opened for a very long time. How about a reorganisation of that recipe folder? Or do I date myself by saying that- all you digital recipe people!

You may be clearing off your desktop. Recycling paper from those very important folders that are in your filing cabinet from 6 years ago. Maybe you don't really need that box of cassette tapes anymore (or maybe you do, but you decide to start capturing them digitally).

Reorganising furniture is a sort of quick fix energy movement, and it can have its benefits, but I encourage you to go deeper. To the old stuff that hasn't moved in your house for years. To the systems that haven't worked very well in your house for a long time. To the attitudes that you nurture about what is important.

Composting is transforming the old things and formats into something more suitable for now. It does involve a letting go, but the gift is something rich and useful.

Composting shows up in relationships too. And oh what an opportunity, like a version of being on a sailboat together. With nowhere to go, we must greet each other with more understanding, instead of pinging out of the house to go to that very important.... insert distraction here.

We are learning to give each other space even when there's not as much space as usual.

For those of you who are still working, wrestling to keep it together in your job even as your family does hoola hoop behind you, or possibly in a highly altered or stressful environment, this process is very, very internal. The greatest gift you can give yourself during this time is to breathe and watch the sky or trees in as many quiet moments as you can create. Rest and digest is even more critical when you feel you don't have time for it.

Some form of uncomfortable does show up in the composting process. We have to accept something and see it with new eyes, before it can be addressed.

And always, trusting that the process of composting brings rich gifts, and that what is important is given more space and attention. While the rest, well, it just turns to dirt to feed the next round of creativity.

If you need to feel a bit more structured around this process as it relates to your home, Simone Anderson, who is one very tidy lady, has a 28 Day Challenge going that gives you a place to focus each day.

And of course, whenever the process gets to be a bit too much, you can always sweep that walkway again.

With respect, Bear, Becky


This is the kids' teddy which I had to fish out of a storage box- complete with his hand knitted hat and jersey from our friend Hanne. I've been taking him and his teddy friends out for adventures on the property. I must say, stuffed animals outdoors make for very cute photos.

More Neighbourhood

I'm sure you've discovered some great new resources, gives, learning and self-care practices. I love the creativity and generosity that is coming through, especially in these times. Below are a few of the resources I've bumped into along the last few weeks. New Zealand, three weeks done.

Chia Sisters

We love supporting innovative business and it doesn't get better than the Chia Sisters. They were helping to support NZ with an amazing offer during quarantine that we were happy to share.

Look them up and see what they're achieving.

Chia Sisters

Nature Programs on TVNZ

David Attenborough's various docuseries and other nature programming with otherworldly photography is what makes learning about the world around us interesting and engaging. Luckily TVNZ does a good job of bringing lots of programming options for us to enjoy. Be sure to check out their latest offering and be inspired.

TVNZ programming

Garden to Table

On a SheEO Zoom call today, with 28 other women, I was lucky enough to meet Catherine Bell, chair of the Garden to Table Trust and founding trustee. This trust works mainly in schools to teach Kiwi kids about their relationship with vital food. She says they have switched up their resources to support parents digitally, offering recipes and memberships to Garden to Table's full suite of curriculum, garden and kitchen resources. Usually only available to schools, you can now access a range of resources and activities linked to all 8 learning areas in the NZ primary school curriculum.


Family Lockdown Boogie

Jack Buchanan from Wellington made this groovy dance video with his family. Make sure you read the comments too. The LOL for me was First impression: Very, very "Flight of the Conchords"....and THEN I see you're in New Zealand. Of COURSE! Love it.

The comment, how American :-)



The Goodbye Shop

We are an essential business as a supplier to New Zealand supermarkets, and most of our products can be found in most stores. We pulled down our online shop while we were in Level 4 and then worked in compliance during Levels 3 and 2. We have tried to be as helpful and present as we could be during this unprecedented time. Health Post offered a range of products from our store at times we couldn't.  

Seriously Simone

Simone Anderson has all the steps covered for the ultra sorting mission for your home. During lockdown, we tried to tackle a number of items on this list. But you do realise, that just allows you the space to do even more. Looking at this list, I could spend a whole week on office/study, so take it at a natural pace, won't you? Give your own rhythm some respect.


Outdoors Everyday

I copied this quote from a news article quoting a Wuhan resident who was greeting the end of lockdown of so many, many weeks- with far less outdoor freedom than we have here in New Zealand.

"Being indoors for so long drove me crazy," he said.

If you need help, reach out. If you feel helpless, focus on doing one small thing to help another. You are here for good. Outdoors is beautiful, powerful, healing and fun.

Next issue

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Or, send me a photo of what you've been up to in your backyard, and I'll make a collage for all of us.

A note about links-
We link to sites, products, offers, art and devotions because they resonate as being of good value and heart. We do not get paid or commissioned on anything that we link.  I did have an offer from Chia sisters to send us some of their juice after I posted, but I'd already purchased the box for our family, so it's all good!

Cheers, Becky

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If you didn't know it before, we need each other, neighbor

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