An OUCH just waiting to happen

We all know how easily kids get hurt.

Learning to walk, ride a bike and sometimes just walking out the door on the way to the chicken coop, can be an accident waiting to happen.

Hang around with Goodbye Ouch long enough, and you really start to see how many times a day kids hurt themselves, and how we reach for a tin of something useful to calm our skin, clear the tears and soothe the nerves.

Just on one day at home with my kids, I recorded all the times we used Goodbye Ouch, and how my kids know it is useful for them, and want to use it for themselves.



Next time you are out and about with your kids, count how many times you are reaching for that balm, cream or salve to save the day.

About the author

Ramona Cording

Ramona is a Doula, Designer and Artist who recently completed her BFA at Elam school of Fine Arts. She runs I LOV SPROUTS and Sew and Grow NZ, a social enterprise teaching people to learn how to sew from her home in Whangaroa, Bay of Islands, with two kids and a small dog.

She has been using Goodbye Products since 2015 and doesn’t leave the house without a tin of Goodbye OUCH in her handbag, or go a summer without Goodbye OUCH Sun Balm as life hasn’t ever been the same since these products came into her life.