B Better Outdoors

You ARE nature, made and sparkling of it. It’s easy to forget that in a frame of duties, deliverables and devices. And when it is forgotten, or set too deeply aside, we are not thriving.


There’s hundreds of scientific studies working to measure our wellness in relation to contact time with nature. It’s really no surprise that time spent in nature reduces stress, improves relationships and re-creates our birthright of wellness. Interestingly, it doesn’t take much time, a large study concluded two hours a week participating in nature was enough to dramatically improve a person’s energy, mentally and physically.


And, it doesn’t have to be wilderness or long missions to get to nature. Nature is everywhere, right outside your door. A hospital window with trees in the view yielded faster and more stable healing than one with a window to a wall. It’s even been discovered that plants and screens that have nature scenes have a similar effect, if you happen to be house-bound.


**You are invited to B Better Outdoors.**


B Better Outdoors is a program created to celebrate B Corp Month. It is delivered personally by me, Becky Cashman, an outdoor guide of 40 years. I am the founder and product maker of Goodbye and have devoted my life to bringing this message to people. You feel better when you seek the gifts of nature. All images are my own and all but one have been taken in the past year. (couldn’t pass on the full moon rise over the ocean taken a couple of years ago). It is my own practice gifted to you.


B Better Outdoors is delivered through @naturagoodbye on Instagram. It made of 30 days of short missions outdoors based on Becky’s own experiences. These morsels guide you to improve your SELF care through a better connection with nature.


What’s that mean?


Early each day, we will post a single mission on Instagram (and Facebook) for you to do for that day. Most of the activities can be done in 15 minutes right in your neighborhood, no vehicle or transport needed. Nature is everywhere! Some missions may require a bit more creativity.


It will be easy to read the prompt, and think “what a good idea” or “that’s so simple”. That’s the equivalent of having a gym membership and not going, or knowing that meditation is a good practice, but not actually DOING it. Nature connection is embodied, meaning you get to use all of your senses and body capability to interact. Even if a task seems extraordinarily simple, I encourage to do it with a sense of curiosity.


What will you learn? What will you see that’s been right there all along that you’ve been missing?


You probably won’t do every single mission, but give it a darn good go. You will feel better for the effort at the end of March. Invite a friend to join you, get the kids involved. They are more than ready to be curious and may help you see the miracles.


To encourage your engagement, each Friday from March 8th through the month, we will randomly draw a winner from the past week’s commenters. 


To Be in the Weekly Draw:


  1. Follow @naturalgoodbye
  2. Comment on your experience of the day’s mission and/or tag a friend to join you.


There are 4 x Weekly Vouchers for $100 for use in the shop. Winners Notified by DM in Instagram or Facebook.


Studies show that time in nature on a weekly basis significantly reduces stress. By learning some new ways to participate in the nature that’s around you, you gain wellness skills that last well beyond B Better Outdoors.


NOTE: You are the manager of each day’s mission- adjust the task to fit your neighborhood, your physical needs, schedule and your creative genius. We trust you to keep yourself safe.

About the author

Becky Cashman

Founder and Product Maker ~ Goodbye NZ

Goodbye makes certified natural, water-free products that take care of skin outdoors. Established by Becky in 1999, the key message has been consistent from the beginning.  Outdoors is good. We belong outdoors. It's better outdoors. Being outdoors is self-care in it's most natural state.

Alongside this message of wellness outdoors is the ethos that we take care of what we love. When you are connected to your environment, you naturally take better care of it.

Becky is the product maker for Goodbye products, sometimes development takes years. As a former outdoor guide, she has remained focused on bringing performance and portability to genuine natural products.

Her products are a good reason to keep showing up to the conversation about a life lived better outdoors.

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