How to Soothe Sandfly Bites

You tried to avoid sandflies, but you got bites anyway

We've all been there. My guess is that you are visiting this page because you, your husband (just guessing!) or your child has bug bites. And I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure it is no comfort that thousands of people visit this page every month. Bugs can really, really impact badly on you. I'm American and have been living & working in New Zealand for over 20 years. I have been helping people deal with sandflies and bites for 18 years now, and I will give you as many ideas as I can. 

~ Soothing Sooner is Better

This is because you are immediately disinfecting and soothing the sandfly or mosquito bite before a reaction begins. It's not the bite that is bothering you but the saliva from the biter! It can be bad enough to create an allergic reaction.

~ Before Bedtime

We've found that applying a bite soother as gentle massage just before bedtime will set you up for a better sleep. It may be itching when you go to bed, but chances are, those bites will wake you. The body does a lot of healing at night, so this is often when you'll feel the most distracted by the process.

~ Don't Scratch! (even if you feel insane)

Scratching extends the healing time and can cause infection. This is where bites can turn into real problems. Don't scratch. Gently massage a bite soother on the irritation instead. 

~ Heating and Cooling

There can be a lot of heat and swelling associated with a sandfly or mosquito bite. Cooling bites gently will soothe- but you do not want to ice them, because the body contracts so greatly that the process of clearing the bite from the body is shut down. On the other side, you do not want to heat skin that already has heat- so if you have a bath, not too hot, and be even more mindful of staying out of the sun.

You can place your hand over the bites with the intention of easing pain, clearing swelling or being of assistance as the body needs it. One of the hands on treatments is called Reiki, and it can be very calming.

Get Through it and Try Again

If you are one of the unlucky ones that is reading this with legs covered in bites, all I can say is, survive this round of bites as best you can and try NOT to scratch. Order GOODBYE SANDFLY for bites and soothing and order GOODBYE OUCH to apply before bed (amongst other things). That way you'll be prepared for the next time.

If your bites are getting out of hand, or you're not sure if they are getting better, see a professional (doctor, homeopath, naturopath.). I trust you to take care of yourself, right?

Wishing you good health in our beautiful, sometimes buggy world.

With respect,

About the author

Becky Cashman

Founder and Product Maker ~ Goodbye NZ

Goodbye makes certified natural, water-free products that take care of skin outdoors. Established by Becky in 1999, the key message has been consistent from the beginning.  Outdoors is good. We belong outdoors. It's better outdoors. Being outdoors is self-care in it's most natural state.

Alongside this message of wellness outdoors is the ethos that we take care of what we love. When you are connected to your environment, you naturally take better care of it.

Becky is the product maker for Goodbye products, sometimes development takes years. As a former outdoor guide, she has remained focused on bringing performance and portability to genuine natural products.

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