Anhydrous means there is no water in the formulation. This aspect is important to Sun Balm for several reasons. All ingredients have a job to do, providing nutrient and antioxidant support. It is also a key to the high water resistance.

Water-free helps you get good coverage on your skin. Many sunscreens with a water base and lotion feel rub in so thinly that they may not be providing the protection you think. Sunscreens are tested at 2mg/ cm2. If you are spreading yours thinner than that, you will not be protected to the claimed SPF.

Another major gift of anhydrous formulation is its photo stability.

Our anhydrous formulation has a unique skin feel that is lighter than you would expect from an oil, butter and beeswax base. Many of our  ingredients have been selected to settle quickly into the skin to enhance skin barrier function and deeply moisturize your skin.